It’s the era of digitization and nowadays, customers have access to information any place & any time when they want it. Thanks to the globalization and Internet, most people all across the world are able to access the information via laptops, tablets, computers, or mobiles.

Business owners should remember that everyone everywhere can influence the image of their organization. The tool that they have now is Social Media and a single tweet or a negative customer feedback can cause major harm to your business.

Digital marketing is not just about adwords or SEO. There is so much more to it. You have a very strong tool in your hand which make or break businesses. It is important that you should know it well what you are getting into before the execution phase. Otherwise you will keep on spending money and this will become a source of expenditure and not revenue for you.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is vitally significant for any start up or a business as it provides you with the opportunity to establish considerably more engaged and relevant communication channels with your customers for a marginally reduced budget.

Some key benefits of Digital Marketing are:

  • It connects you with consumers on the internet
  • It generates higher conversion rates
  • It saves you money
  • It enables real-time customer service
  • It helps generate higher revenues as compared to the cost incurred

4 To-Do’s before execution of a Digital Plan

Let’s take a look at four things one must do before executing a digital strategy that drives measurable and meaningful results. Before deciding on strategies, channels or tactics, your business needs a proper plan which is built around your customer needs and business goals.

  • Identify Your Business Goals- Never make this mistake of confusing digital goals with business goals. Digital goals should only be made when one is aware of business goals. Business goals are the reason why you’re using social media, creating content and doing marketing in the first place.
  • Gather Competitive Intelligence – Find who all your competitors before executing a digital strategy. It’s always good to know who all are in the industry. This will benefit in keeping cost at minimum.
  • Your Brand Audience – Are the ones who will connect to your brand i.e in other words who will be buying your product or service. If you already have a plan in place before Launch and execution, you know what and how much should be made visible to them, the frequency should be daily or bi-weekly etc. It is the pahse of slow and gradual experimentation.
  • Content Audits – content is the only tool in winning any digital war. Customers’ relations with a brand are regularly damaged and developed by the content we create and do not create. As a potential customer explore new options and engages in some or the other way with our brand, we should ensure that they see the right content at the right time. And what than to test it through some attractive content before you show them what you really have. Remember, the Trailer always comes before the full movie.  So Push the content first and check feedback before you go live!

There’s a hell lot of detail to cover on this topic, but I feel this should be enough for anyone to understand the importance of digital marketing plan and from where to get started on it.

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