2016 continued to be a golden period for digital agencies. With digital ad spend increasing by approximately 900% between 2004 and 2016, brands are investing heavily in their online presence and quickly responding to consumer demand. The rapid growth of increased availability and online investment of advertising platforms means that digital marketing roles have rapidly evolved to be complex and multi-disciplined. Attaching with Agencies is therefore an attractive option for organizations looking to deliver quickly on online projects and digital campaigns.

Challenges faced by businesses in Digital Marketing

Typically, the business are always faced with following questions

  1. What sort of content should we produce?
  2. How can we create great content?
  3. How often should we sell on social media?
  4. Who will do the work us or the agency?
  5. How do I hold anyone else accountable?
  6. Do I have the right person to lead and execute my social strategy?
  7. How do we have the best position through Search Engine Optimisation
  8. How do we track the visitor experience across multiple devices over the period of the consumer buying cycle.
  9. How do we measure the RoI ?


5 Action points to select a digital marketing expert

The procedure of selecting a digital agency or expert should be the same as for hiring a permanent member of team. Even though the relationship will be a little different, the selection criterion is quite similar.

In both the cases you want to hire specific skills that will add value to your organization.

1.      Ask probing questions

If you want to know whether the agency is apt for your business, then you need to ask probing questions about their experience, team, previously done projects and competence. The basic aim is to understand what all are their goals, how the relationship will work and what the likelihood is of them adhering to your goals.

2.      Prepare your brief

Before hiring an agency or expert, it’s important to have considered the following:

  • The particular issue or problem you want them to solve
  • How you will measure their success
  • Your project or campaign budget

3.      Check references

The only time you’ll ever wish you checked an employment reference is when a relationship goes wrong. Make sure you speak to the agency’s references before signing a contract. The right time to check references is at final stage of selection, when you have two or more shortlisted agencies. Asking for references at an earlier stage can be unfair to the agency if you’re not yet serious about signing them up.

Be mindful that delaying reference checks until you’re ready to sign a contract can be too late, as your decision is practically made. This bias in them being the only option on the table means there’s a strong chance you won’t review their references thoroughly.

4.      Negotiate a fair contract and don’t forget to put an exit clause

Contract negotiation is a little hard task. Avoid ending up with a poor deal.

5.      Meet the Team who will take care of your project

The way you should be checking references, you should also ask to meet other team members at the agency and only sign a contract when you feel confident in their abilities to deliver.

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