About Us

Welcome to SMCorpz!

SM Corpz is a consultancy firm which aims to assist corporates and start ups across various business dimensions. SM Corpz was formed in 2016 and offers services to various sectors for Startups, small medium enterprises as well as large conglomerates.

Our vision is to provide better and timelier decisions thereby improving competitive edge and growth prospects of businesses. We are committed to our corporate clients with the highest levels of professional standards and services & works with them in developing an understanding of the various industries – segments and sub-segments, companies, competitors and suppliers through our in-house experienced research team and trained professionals.

Our deep understanding of the market enables us to develop a resource of highly dependable and rational insights and planning that enables our clients to formulate their core business strategies and implementation.

Our services offerings include:

Business Consultancy

Startup Consultancy

HR Consultancy

Legal Services

Digital Solutions

Manan Thapar: Founder & CEO, SM Corpz

Manan has about 15 years of experience in the product and service industries across various business sectors in the field of management consultancy. Manan is currently managing a startup in the field of Consulting and is assisting various startups & corporates across various sectors in the field of management consultancy.

Manan has previously worked in FMCG, private power distribution utility and management consultancy. He has managed more than 100 projects across various locations during his previous tenures.

Area of expertise: Sales & Marketing, business process management, business planning, commercial management, project management, Regulatory affairs & compliances, technology, finance and accounting, Market entry Strategy, due diligence and deals.

Manan Thapar- CEO, SM Corpz