‘An idea designed for maximum impact’ is the definition of a great website. The main target or aim, while developing a website, is to connect with the target audience. And let me tell you that creation of a website is not as simple as it seems because it’s not necessary that always a great idea that makes a great website. Even common ideas can be used to create great websites.

Five Key Challenges in Website Development

There are five biggest challenges that website creation usually entails. And these are from the most important inherent features of a website. These include:-

  1. Accessibility – The very first and foremost challenge in website creation process is to make your website as much accessible as possible and for this you have to design and develop it in a way that all potential users have an equal access to the functionality , information and features of the site.
  2. Compatibility – Also Known as ‘browser compatibility’, this focuses on making websites compatible across a range of browser platforms.
  3. Navigability – An effective navigational structure of the website enhances usability. Website visitors should be able to quickly and easily find the information they are searching for.
  4. Readability – A website’s readability includes three essential aspects –
    1. Typeface
    2. Layout or Design
    3. Colors

Readability refers to the practice of delivering the article in a way that increases ease of reading. All of the above features should be kept in mind to make website look more appealing.

  1. Usability refers to engagement of the readers on your website and compelling them to return over and over again your site. The information should be easily retrievable for users. Web developers who place restrictions like disabled back buttons, bookmarking not possible, printing problems, emailing of link not allowed etc. on users simply spoil their website’s usability.

Key factors to look for while choosing a web developer

  • Pick a developer with the business aptitude, not just on basis of particular expertise

In the technological space, it is easy to replicate the techniques of web development since almost everything is available in the public domain. But what is really missing is the business acumen while developing the website. The Developer should be able to understand your business strategy and accordingly represent it in form of the website.

  • Credentials of doing similar jobs

Someone who has done similar works , especially in similar industry, would know exactly how much time it will take to close the website development.

  • Knowledge of Latest languages and programming

The Developer should be aware of which are the latest trends in the market as well as what will go with the business idea and perceived features. This is important for the business to come out with user friendly and market trendy website.

  • Ideally should have app development experience

This will help the businesses, who are looking for both website and app development, to quickly turnaround both applications in the market.

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