Start up Consultancy

Idea formalization

We assist start ups in formalizing and structuring of their idea. The objective is to handhold the entrepreneurs in developing and documenting the idea in to a tangible product.

Prototype development

It is a working model of a product or information system, usually built for demonstration purposes or as part of the development process. We assist in designing the prototype as per visual product expectations of the founders.

Product Documentation

We offer product documentation service containing all the necessary information related to the product. Clear explanation of requirements, model, work-type, output and other deliverables of the product.

Market Study

The market analysis studies the attractiveness and the dynamics of the market and products within a specific industry. We offer Secondary as well as Customized Primary research analysis as per business needs.

Business Strategy

We assist in developing the business strategy for starts ups. This involves conversion of the idea in to vision, mission and primary targets which the founders want to achieve through the idea.

Risk assessment

We offer flexible, cost-effective service, tailored to the unique needs with practical advice that allows you to manage the risks associated with your business without incurring excessive costs and managing liabilities.

Business Development strategy

This typically involves developing strategy for future opportunities for growth of business. A strategy that defines your vision, goals and helps you achieve those goals taking care of current industry trends.

Traditional Marketing Strategy

A strategy that defines the proper plan of any type of promotion in the form of advertisement or campaigns that has been used over years and has a proven success rate.

Digital Marketing strategy

An effective digital marketing strategy provides a framework that gives a logical sequence to follow to ensure inclusion of all key activities of strategy development and implementation to reach, convert and engage your target audience.

HR Strategy

Critical for all types of businesses. HR Strategy should be focused in the very start of the business. It contains the procedures and methodologies designed that allows the teams to focus and drive business objectives.

Business Plan

A roadmap having formal statement of business goals, reasons they are attainable, and plans for reaching them. It may also contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach those goals.

Business Processes

We offer process management, reengineering and review support which shall help in structuring activities or tasks across planning, production, operations and monitoring.

Due Diligence

An investigation or audit of a business to confirm all facts, readiness and reality checks across product, vision , strategy and planning. Due Diligence helps businesses oversee and overcome foreseen and unforeseen hindrances in implementation.

Project management consultancy

PMC services involve both virtual and physical implementation support of the projects from concept to execution, & reporting to monitoring, ensuring competitiveness and performance that meets cost, quality and schedule targets.

Investment strategy

A plan for deciding how and what to invest in to meet your long-term goals. It’s a natural extension of the original company vision outlined at the time of business strategy. We assist in response.

Functional Training Programs

Functional training programs are the exercises that improve a person’s ability to perform their roles with greater efficiency and effectiveness. We offer sales, marketing , excel, advance excel & other training support.