The objective of this article is to generate awareness among startups and businesses that Digital Marketing has many elements which being cost effective can be introduced even before launch even if the website is in process

We need to accept it. Digital marketing is everywhere. People are consuming & living more digital content everyday – using their laptops, smart phones, tabs, desktops computers and more. Digital marketing means that you get a customized strategy that will increase your digital channels so that your company can dominate.

Thinking and Common Approach

Launching a new service or product into the market requires hell lot of effort. Thus most of the startups decide to hold their marketing initiatives until they’re well established and have no budget constraints to hire marketing staff. And even established companies also try and focus more on sales than working on marketing the concept.

Yes marketing can be very expensive but there are ways to minimize the cost and reach the targeted audience.  ‘Build it and they’ll come’ approach is outdated now and cannot work I feel in current scenario because customer is very much alert and competition is very high if you have not informed your audience then survival becomes a problem. You may build a great product but what’s the point if no one will purchase it. If you don’t spread the word then no one will know about your existence.

7 Reasons Your Startup Needs Digital Marketing before launching product

Lets try to understand how DM can be utilized before launching the product

  1. It helps increase sales and brand awareness, which is vital to the existence of any company. Digital Marketing permits more people to find out about your business cost effectively which results in greater ROI and more sales.
  2. The more the people see you the more well-known your company becomes and the more trustworthy you appear to the people.
  3. Marketing allows increase brand awareness and you to build a powerful brand and this certainly makes your product more appealing and memorable.
  4. Digital marketing especially for startups allows you to build genuine and powerful lists of potential customers. These can be followers on email lists or social media.
  5. Starting the digital marketing process before you even launch your product permits you to build a potential customer base and you can immediately start marketing to them at the time of your launch, this way you can make product launch a very big event and mega success.
  6. Taking a feedback physically can cost heaps but you can plan online feedback surveys and thus can collect data. This will allow you to improve your product.
  7. You can’t print everything and you can’t courier or display everything but this limitation can be easily overcome if you know how to manage digital channels.

Channels and Strategies which can be utilized for launch strategy

If your startup is not planning marketing due to budget constraints and you still want to get the word out, then you can look into the marketing approaches stated below:

Steps Strategies Before launch After launch Description
1 Facebook Teasers yes will generate curosity as to what is coming
2 Offpage SEO yes Will help you page rank high away from your page
3 On page SEO yes Will help you page rank high
4 Social Networks yes yes will get you followers and genuine audience
5 Blogs & Guest blogs yes yes generating interest for a new product, and the approach and methods
6 Email Marketing yes yes  Gets you connected
7 Group Buying sites yes Groupon, Living Social, Deal On, My Daily Thread and other collective buying sites continue to grow in popularity and offer the opportunity to introduce and incentivize the purchase of your product to an opt-in audience after the launch
8 Geolocation yes if you got a physical location your customers frequent, utilize geolocation tools to increase reach of your marketing
9 Social Media Influencers yes take the time to research, locate and understand the most active social media users in your target markets. These people are at a unique advantage, having earned a large and tuned-in set of viewers, listeners and followers.
10 Display Banners yes yes display banners help in branding
11 Adwords yes Pay per click advertising for lead generation
12 Feedback surveys yes help in improving product


If you got a small budget doesn’t mean you can’t perform effective digital marketing. There are plenty of strategies and channels that require little to no cost to promote your products. If funds are not an issue for your startup and you have been given enough advertising budget but if you’re limited on time, then you can go for methods that show quick results.

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