Importance of HR strategy

Hiring decisions are very complicated than they used to be nowadays. Not only one have to think about whether you want temporary staff or an employee or a contractor, but you also need to think about diversity, offshore options, and legal obligations. And the moment the person is brought into the system, you have to think about stay, skills development, logistics, morale, retention, training & development and also the work environment.

After product market fit, nothing else is more important to growth than recruiting the right people. The right people will grow your startup or business exponentially – the wrong ones will surely stunt growth.

To achieve that exponential growth, organization needs a hiring strategy that provides a steady pipeline of people ready to be employed when you post your jobs. They should atleast understand the mission and vision of the company and will align their goals with the goals of the organization. This creates a win-win situation and both the employee and employer benefits.

 How the HR Strategy is integral to your business

Business need a human resource strategy to support the organization plan and also requires human resource management planning to be acknowledged as a fundamental part of the business planning process. It is argued that integrating strategic planning and HR strategy is fundamental in attaining business excellence. The four foundation themes include:

  1. Business Concept – This is all about the business. What you have planned to start. The idea behind the business is the concept. The first and foremost thing is to put the idea on paper and then start working towards it. Once if you have done the ground work you should integrate the HR strategy so that both should be aligned in one direction. Business excellence can be achieved by simple accumulation of a range of best practices.
  2. Vision, mission and goals are at the level 2 and that achieving excellence in corporate business strategy is the single most important factor in achieving vision, mission and goals,
  3. Business Strategy provides a unique opportunity to view the business holistically, with the main focus being on the overall organization and the entire team and
  4. Organization structure – Once it is ready you will have clear understanding of what should be done next and who will be the concerned person.
  5. HR Strategy – This will be fulfilling the requirement of all of above four levels. People tend to do two things well, i.e. the things their seniors want them to do and things they regard as important and/or enjoy. So According the rest of the plan will be made.

What are the integrals of HR Strategy?

HR policies are the formal guidelines and rules that organizations put in place to recruit, train, reward and assess the members of their workforce. These policies, when organized and distributed in an effortlessly form, can serve to anticipate many issues and misunderstandings between employers and employees about their rights and duties in the business place.

It can be for any of these reasons mentioned below that you create a HR strategy aligned with the aims and objectives of your organization;:-

  • Skill Requirements – getting the people with right skill set at the lowest cost
  • Roles & Responsibilities – Designing and delegating responsibilities as per set KRA’s for the Improved productivity of staff
  • Employee retention- keeping your best people
  • Cost Benefit Analysis – less wastage of time, resources and wages
  • Functional training needs
  • Hiring Plan and Good PR- will get you recognition as a ‘great employer’
  • HR procedure & Policies – Avoiding the costs of an employment tribunal

So how will you get a HR strategy to deliver all of above? By simply ensuring that your HR strategy fits your organization goals and trading atmosphere which in turn will determine your operational HR procedures and processes.

One example is suppose your business operates in a FMCG industry that relies heavily on new product design and research. Now your HR Strategy should revolve completely around ‘Encouraging Innovation’ in your team members. Therefore most of the basic principles of your HR activities and disciplines may take approaches to support this Goal.

In a single liner, you can turn Your Recruiting Strategy into Your Killer Growth tool. If you got more stuff to share write in comments section below, and If you are interested in ensuring your HR strategy is aligned with your business aims and objectives please contact us.<

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