What is a legal Advisor?

A Legal Advisor is fundamentally a lawyer who provides legal counsel to a large organization or corporation. They might also be called “in-house counsel”, “in-house lawyers,” or “corporate counsel.” A Legal Advisor chiefly specializes in a particular area of law. They could be involved in contract or labor disputes, harassment suits, compensation issues, or other workplace conflicts. They even offer general legal advice about various corporate decisions regarding mergers, corporate growth, or other practices.

Importance of Legal Advisor

Here are few reasons why you need a Legal Advisor to manage risk of a business

  1. Draft and Negotiate Contracts

From collaboration agreements to consultant contracts, Legal Advisors are familiar with arranging terms and drawing up of various types of contracts. This responsibility includes creating new documents and reviewing existing contracts. This way they minimize or even eliminate the chance of fraud and faulty documents.

  1. Ensure Compliance with Corporate Laws

Legal Advisors have in-depth knowledge in corporate law and by reviewing all company processes and practices they ensure that the organization is working within all state and federal legal limits. To minimize the risk of huge financial loss, Advisors understand all legal rules &regulations pertaining to the specific industry in which they are operating.

  1. Provide Counsel for Management and Employee Conflicts

Matters such as labor disputes, sexual harassment incidents, or other employee relations conflicts, require Legal Advisors to apply knowledge of relevant laws in resolving these issues. They, in association with other departments, will meet with employees and employers to review each conflict and provide resolutions.

Some of the core services of Legal Advisory for Start ups and Businesses

  • Negotiating and Reviewing contracts related to everyday operations such as with suppliers  and vendors as well as customers and clients
  • Negotiating and Reviewing contracts that permit the company to function such as credit agreements or employment agreements
  • Advising the company on every legal matter such as compliance with regulations, legal risks and corporate governance
  • Advising the company on tax & banking related matters

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